+Whole30 Challenge

New Food Discoveries!

Whole30 Days 7-11

Day 7

June 7, 2017

Up until this point in the challenge, I was eating mostly chicken breasts and eggs for protein sources since a) I love both foods and b) they were the easiest to make! But on this glorious Wednesday I discovered compliant Whole30 bacon and boy did my life change! Pederson Farms is one of the very few companies that provide natural bacon with no added sugar. As there websites states; “our pork that is humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or growth stimulants and fed no animal by-products. Minimally processed, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no added nitrates or nitrites, no gluten, no lactose, and no MSG!” I was instantly hooked and set off to my local Whole Foods to purchase a pack. It was quite pricey ($8-$9), so I won’t be buying it every week, but it was a game changer for my next few meals. I highly recommend you check them out; it tastes like regular bacon!

In addition, I also picked up a bag of dates and two individual packets of Justin’s Almond Butter (each packet was only $1 on sale). I was really hesitant to try almond butter again. My sophomore year of college, my roommate was a health nut who kept almond butter on hand, which she would offer to me on occasion. I hated the taste and immediately vowed never to have it again. When I learned that peanut butter was a big no/no on Whole30, I started to look into approved almond butter brands. I bought the packets on a whim because both the cost and size were appealing to me. And guess what? I love their almond butter and I’ll definitely be going back for more!


Day 8

June 8, 2017

On Thursday, I spent 3 hours in a training for a volunteer opportunity I will be taking part in during the summer. If you’re looking to volunteer locally in your community, I highly suggest you head over to your county’s United Way website (www.unitedway.org). You can create a profile with the site and they’ll try to match you with local opportunities based on your interests. Since I’m aspiring to be a teacher, naturally I look for opportunities with kids. I found an opening to work with visually impaired children at a summer camp and I instantly signed up. When I arrived at the training, I was met with a table full of lots of high school students (looking to earn community service hours) and the orientation director spent the first 15 minutes addressing the group on why we wouldn’t need background checks since we were under 17 years old. Awkwardly, I had to raise my hand and inform her I was 24. “Wow really, you look so young?!!?” ß This is a daily occurrence, *insert rolling eyes emoji here*. At the training, they provided snacks and juice boxes (LOL, but also a win). I was proud to have steered clear of the potato chips and cheese and instead stuck to water and sugar snap peas.

Day 9

June 9, 2017

I got nothing. It was Friday and I was off from work. My best guess is that it rained outside and I took to Netflix to re-watch the Crown again. Whoops!

Day 10

June 10, 2017

To my great surprise in my initial findings, guacamole is compliant- Hallelujah! When I learned I would have to make my own ketchup and mayonnaise since the commercial products add sugar and other unhealthy additives, I just about lost it. Guacamole is one of my favorite condiments and while Whole30 doesn’t suggest you eat it every day, they do encourage you to eat healthy fats with meals (hello avocados!). I was also happy to learn that I can buy certain prepackaged guacamoles too instead of making my own. Trader Joe’s Avocado’s Number Guacamole is compliant and I love how it’s in 6 individual packs. For dinner, I made a chicken veggie soup, baked sweet potato “chips” and a side of guacamole. Add in some Trader Joe’s raspberry-lime seltzer and it was a good Saturday meal! I can’t take credit for the soup recipe, here’s the link: (http://coconutcontentment.com/2014/02/03/for-busy-nights-nourishing-chicken-soup/)


Day 11

June 11, 2017

During Sunday school, I had the kids make these adorable handprint flowerpots. The tulips spelled Jesus and it went with our morning lesson about how Jesus makes us grow 🙂


            I decided to have brunch at home after being inspired by a post I saw on whole30recipes Instagram account. I baked a sweet potato in a preheated 425* oven for 40 minutes. After it cooled, I split it open, scooped out some contents, returned it to the baking dish and cracked two eggs in the holes. Seasoned with salt and pepper and back in the oven for 15 minutes. I topped it obviously with guacamole 🙂 It was so yummy and incredibly filling along with my black iced coffee! I would definitely recommend making this for your next solo brunch!


Peace & Love,


3 thoughts on “New Food Discoveries!

  1. Hope you are enjoying your Whole30 journey. I don’t know if they have them in your area, but I found paleo/Whole30 compliant bacon at Natural Grocers for about $5.00 a package. It was a pretty exciting find for me.


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