+Whole30 Challenge

Happiness is fitting into old clothes!!

+Whole30 Challenge

Days 12-16


Day 12

June 12, 2017

Mondays seem to be a bit more brighter when I don’t have to be anywhere in the morning. And this Monday was one of those days. It was also a dreary, rainy Monday, so I was super pumped that I didn’t have to be out of bed for anything till the afternoon. I did make it a productive morning though by doing some laundry and cleaning. On my most recent trip to Trader Joe’s on June 10th, I had picked some additional options for meals and veggies. So for my Monday dinner, I decided to make myself a turkey burger…on my stovetop. Do I have a grill? Yes. Do I use it? No. My dad has taught me several times how to use a grill and yet I’m so afraid that somehow the propane tank will explode or I’ll catch the house on fire. Another irrational fear? Check!

These turkey burgers from Trader Joe’s are super simple. The ingredients are just turkey, kosher salt and rosemary extract. They can be found in the freezer section in a box of 4 patties. I cooked a patty on my stovetop in some olive oil and added some spinach to steam alongside it. In the oven, I had placed a baking sheet of cubed red potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper and Italian spices. I enjoyed my impromptu burger meal with a side of guacamole (obviously!). The flavors were amazing all together!img_6197.jpg

Day 13

June 13, 2017

Today was my first full shift of work at the retail store in the mall. Since I have a tight budget and also really can’t eat anything out, I decided to pack myself a lunch. I find salads are really easy to take to work, so I made one with greens, shredded carrots, a hard-boiled egg, pecans and my own balsamic vinaigrette. I’m obsessed with those lunch pack plastic containers from this brand called Sistema. The salad one is awesome because it comes with a compartment for your salad dressing and also a travel knife and fork. I’ve found their products at World Market and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores, but you can find all their products here21356_Salad_Purple-Exploded_Food

In addition, I also packed some cucumber slices, a peach and Trader Joe’s raspberry lime seltzer. I wasn’t able to take my lunch break until 2:00pm, so it was a perfect late lunch meal.

For dinner, I was supposed to have a girl’s night with my girlfriends, but we had to cancel at the last minute. Since I had a later lunch, I decided to whip up something light for a later dinner. I defrosted some Costco Kirkland brand frozen shrimp (deveined and peeled already) in the microwave and mixed them with some sliced tomato and avocado with a splash of lime juice. It tasted so fresh and light!

Day 14

June 14, 2017

This day seemed to be the day of LOTS of morning appointments. I was up and off to the first at 8:30 am. Without coffee. I didn’t realize I forgot my large cup of iced coffee on the counter until I was about mid-way through appointment #1. I had some time to kill between appointments #1 & #2, but not enough time to go back home. So, I made the choice to stop at Starbucks just so that I wouldn’t greet my next appointment as a grumpy gremlin. In the past, my Starbucks orders were a) the biggest size yet and 2) packed with extreme amounts of sugar. I was hesitant on whether or not to even buy coffee out of fear that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Pushed fear aside, I ordered a tall unsweetened iced coffee with almond milk. I was surprised at just how much I loved the taste and quickly realized that I wouldn’t need large amounts of sugar and flavors to enjoy my morning Joe. I later learned that Starbucks almond milk isn’t complaint, but oh well one for the books!

For dinner, I defrosted shrimp again to enjoy them with zucchini noodles and wait for it, AVACADO PESTO. I didn’t know one could make such a thing from avocados, but holy moly it’s delicious. Before Whole30, I was a HUGE carb lover and frequently ate pasta. This recipe was the next best thing and I’ll definitely be making it again! To find out how to make avocado pesto, check here.

Day 15

June 15, 2017

Before I started my Whole30 journey, I really enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal in the morning because it was quick, simple and very filling for a full day ahead. I was so happy to have found a Paleo version of “oatmeal” for the morning and wanted to make it right away. The recipe comes from here. You use chopped apples, nuts, dates, almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg to make this recipe. It also calls for coconut flakes, which I choose to omit. Additionally, you can top it with bananas, cinnamon or really anything you have on hand. It’s become my favorite breakfast to have on full workdays. The full recipe makes about 2-3 servings, so depending how hungry you are in the morning you may need to adjust. I like to make a normal batch and then refrigerate the leftovers, so I don’t have to cook it on the stove every time I want it; I can just heat it in the microwave!

Since I was working a full shift, I also packed lunch for the day. I had lots of leftover chicken veggie soup that I made in earlier weeks. I packed a bowl of that along with some sugar snap peas and a no sugar added cup of applesauce. For dinner, I didn’t feel like making anything extravagant so I had a baked avocado split with two eggs. I do find myself eating breakfast foods for dinner many times during the week just for the convenience.

Day 16

June 16, 2017

A major accomplishment was achieved on this sunny Friday! I was able to fit into some old clothes!! Hooray!!!! I’ve had these floral shorts from the plus section of Forever 21 for literally forever. They are made of a stretch knit material with a zipper on the side, but over the years I’ve just been able to pull them on. Last summer, I noticed them getting a little tight in the thigh area, but on this day it was a comfier fit. The tank top is from Lilly Pulitzer that I bought on a whim online during their Annual Sale. Unless I wore it with a maxi skirt, I wasn’t able to wear it with anything else simply because it was too tight in the tummy area. However with these shorts they worked perfectly! The best part about these two pieces is that while they looked great on me on this day, if I were to achieve a healthier weight they would still look good on me. I also threw on a sleeveless sweater from TJMaxx (I’m subconscious with how my arms look) and some white Converse sneakers.outfit

Top: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) // Shorts: Forever 21 Plus (similar) // Shoes: Converse // Sweater: TJMaxx // FitBit: FitBit Charge HR // Monogram Necklace (similar): Marley Lilly // Bracelet: Pandora

I spent the morning and early afternoon at home. For breakfast, I had a hard-boiled egg and coffee. For lunch, a turkey burger and guacamole. Shortly after lunch, I headed out to a local coffee shop in a bustling shopping center in town. There I ordered a medium iced coffee with almond milk. Since the humidity was low, I was able to enjoy the fresh air in a shaded seating area outside while sipping on my coffee and working on the blog. I always enjoy a change of scenery to get out and enjoy different areas of town while I’m writing. It’s also a good place to people watch 🙂  Cheers to the weekend!

Peace & Love,



2 thoughts on “Happiness is fitting into old clothes!!

  1. Looks like you are one day behind me on the Whole30. I started 5/31! Do you think you are going to continue after the 30 days is up? I am contemplating doing an additional 30 days and ending in August, and then reintroducing foods.


    1. I am planning on continuing on after the 30 days! I’m not sure if I’m going to eat true to Whole30 or eat Whole30ish though. There are definitely some food groups (like sugar and grains) that I want to continue to leave out of my diet. I may re-introduce some dairy items, legumes or even alcohol on the occasion. But the program has definitely changed the way I view food in a positive way! Good luck to you in your journey! 🙂

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