+Whole30 Challenge

Working Through Frustrations

+Whole30 Challenge Days 17-20

Day 17

June 17, 2017

On Friday, I made notes in my planner that I wanted to head to the local farmer’s market in the morning and possibly the beach in the afternoon all on Saturday. NOPE. Well, that was a big fail in my books. I never made it to either place; in fact I stayed in bed till about noon. I wasn’t overly tired; I guess my bed was just too comfy to leave that morning. When I finally did make it out of bed, I decided to head to Hobby Lobby to look for materials to make a professional-ish looking photo background for when I take pictures of my food (so no one has to view my messy, dirty stovetop anymore). Where did I head when I got to the store? Right to the clearance section. Crafting will always be my weakness, but my broke ass can’t afford anything anymore. To my amazing luck, I found everything I needed conveniently in the clearance section minus the one piece of regular priced scrapbook cardstock (at 79 cents, living large!). I found a coupon online that I could only use on that cardstock since it was my only full-priced item. Together all my materials (2 wooden plaques, 2 pieces of felt, 1 piece of cardstock) came to about $6. I wound up using a couple of old pieces of cardstock I had on hand with a wood plank background. And here is the finished result featuring a cup of green tea as my muse: tea

After my Hobby Lobby adventure, I headed to Trader Joe’s (yet again) to pick up some ingredients to make dinner. I wanted to make myself a turkey burger encased in a lettuce wrap and perhaps make Whole30 ketchup. All the ingredients cost less than $10. At home, I cooked up a turkey burger (on the stovetop again) in a lettuce wrap complete with guacamole. I also placed some wedged sweet potato slices in a baking dish and baked them with olive oil, salt and cinnamon. The salty and sweet taste of the potatoes was SO YUMMY. If you haven’t tried the combination before, I highly recommend that you do! And by the way, I never made that ketchup. The ingredients are still sitting on my counter.turkey sweet

Day 18

June 18, 2017

Sunday was Father’s Day! Unfortunately, my family doesn’t live near me, so I made sure to call my dad and my grandpa (who was actually sick in the hospital) to wish them a happy father’s day. Normally on Father’s Day, my family in CT has a family BBQ at my grandparents’ house, but since my grandfather was ill and all of the family is elsewhere in the world there was no such event that day. I also live like 20 hours away, so that’s not really a suitable weekend road trip 😉

I started my day in church…well wait back up. Technically, my day started in my bed waking up realizing it was Father’s Day and that I should have planned some special craft for Sunday school. And that’s what I did with just 2 hours to spare to get ready and scout Pinterest (Thank the Lord for this app!). I found a cute craft and printed some coloring pages. I managed to get to church early, so I could make a sample craft before the kiddos started arriving. The kids had a blast making #1 Dad ribbons and also answering  questions on the coloring survey sheet.

I headed to World Market and Super Target about 2 miles down the road afterwards. I picked up an additional plastic lunch compartment container from Siestma with a coupon I found online. Onward to Target, I went to pick up some more no sugar added applesauce and some lunchmeat. Up until this point, I haven’t been super frustrated when I’m out shopping for groceries, but oh boy was I mad today. As I have stated before, I am on a tight budget, so while I don’t always buy the suggested organic items, I do buy what I can, making sure that it’s compliant of course. Well all the compliant ham or turkey lunchmeat options were between $5-$6 or more (for just 7 slices of meat). I don’t make much money to begin with, so I really try to stretch my weekly budget as long as I can. Honestly, the thought of buying those products for such high of a cost didn’t appeal to me, but I was so hungry (from not eating breakfast mostly), that I said screw it and bought it. WELL, I went home and ate a few slices the WHOLE package along with an applesauce cup and afterwards sat on the couch. Was it the worst thing to eat in one sitting? No. Does that mean I should still do it? No, not at all. Was I still frustrated? Absolutely! In the past when I let my emotions control my food choices, I often reached for the sweets. There was days that I was so frustrated, stressed or bored that I ate an entire half-gallon of ice cream in one sitting. In turn eating 7 slices of turkey isn’t the best option, but at least it wouldn’t make me go into a sugar coma.

I had a super late breakfast dinner that night after my frustrations calmed down. I mashed half an avocado in a bowl, topped with cooked eggs and a smoothie. The smoothie was a combination of frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, almond milk and cacao bits. It was made in my Magic Bullet, a gadget that is super convenient that I actually won in a raffle. By the way, the reason my eggs are in a circle is because I cook them in this microwave safe egg cooker. This product is super useful and make morning (or dinner) eggs really easy with not lots of mess. They are also dishwasher safe too. You can find these here.

egg smoothie


Day 19

June 19, 2017

Monday rolled around again and it was another day to fight to get out of bed. My frustration from the day before hadn’t quite worn off yet, so I was still feeling quite angry at everything. I was so frustrated that I skipped breakfast entirely (including coffee) this morning. According to the Whole30 timeline, your Tiger Blood or “your power through the end” energy is supposed to hit by Day 16. I was feeling quite the opposite of that. I was extremely moody when I woke up and let’s just say I’m glad I live alone because I didn’t want to interact with anyone. No it wasn’t PMS (that hit actually the first week of the program), I was just feeling frustrated. In my past, if I hit this roadblock timeline over the way I’ve felt over a food program or a new exercise it usually meant that I would give up soon. However, I reflected by myself to realize that I stuck with something to benefit my health for 19 days. 19 STRAIGHT DAYS. Do you know what kind of record that is for me? I don’t have problems sticking with something that I view as a creative outlet, an education or a dream job. But when it comes to health/ fitness, I have the worse track record. I mean you’re talking to the person that played field hockey for a week. I cannot explain to you what was different this time, but after my pep talk I decided I wasn’t going to give up this time. Now my Tiger Blood was in full power!

For lunch, I had two chicken sausage links encased in lettuce wraps with Whole30 mayo and tomato paste. I then headed to my favorite coffee shop in town yet again to write for the blog and study for an upcoming educator’s certificate exam. Afterwards, I walked to Whole Foods to buy my favorite bacon from Pederson Farms and an Honest unsweetened green tea. For dinner, I made a dish that I now call the “Dunno Dinner” because I literally made it up on the spot. I defrosted some frozen cauliflower rice from Trader Joe’s in my microwave and added two eggs to cook and mix in with the rice. I then topped the bowl with a few cooked crumbled pieces of bacon. I “dunno” what you would call this dish, but it’s surprisingly good 🙂

Day 20

June 20, 2017

Today I had a full shift at the retail store and it was a crazy day! We don’t normally have much foot traffic in our store since it caters to plus-size women only. But we started our semi-annual sale this week, so there were lots more customers. Working in a plus-size store is almost as incredibly rewarding as it is working with kids. I’m able to connect with kids really easily because I’m such a big kid at heart. And because I’m a plus-size woman, I’m able to help the clients of our store because I understand on a small fraction how difficult it is to find clothes and accessories for someone of larger size. In other retail jobs, I’ve dreaded going to my shifts, but so far I look forward to going to work and helping our clients 🙂

For breakfast, I made myself another serving of paleo “oatmeal”. It didn’t quite turn out as well as when I had made the first batch last week (I think I added too much nutmeg). Since I was going to work, I packed myself another lunch salad consisting of greens, shredded carrots, a hard-boiled egg, crumbled bacon, olives and balsamic vinaigrette. I also packed a container consisting of grapes and sugar snap peas. The sugar snap peas are actually frozen, but by the time I had lunch they were nicely defrosted. For dinner, I headed to Bahama Breeze to have a girls’ night with my girlfriends. Thankfully someone in a Whole30 forum had been to the restaurant, so I was able to use his or her insight on what I could order from the menu. We went to their late happy hour, so while most of my friends ordered drinks, I ordered a soda water with lime and a splash of cranberry juice. I was able to enjoy their Jumbo Lump Crab Stack. It was essentially mini shrimp and crabmeat packed in a tower with lime vinaigrette. Simply refreshing and light! It also came with 2 pieces of flatbread, which I gave to my friends. My girlfriends also ordered a banana bread dessert, so I picked the sliced bananas off of the plate. We spent about 3 hours there just laughing and sharing our stories of our past weeks. I conquered another adventure of eating out while on Whole30- a happy accomplishment for the books!

Peace & Love,


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