+The Friday 10

The Friday 10 #2

Hey blog friends! I hope you’ve been having a good summer and are ready to gear up for back to school if you have to embrace that time. If not, I hope you’re ready to transition to fall. We don’t have a true fall season here in FL, but I’m looking forward to cooler and less humid days. And where have I been for the past two weeks? Well it’s a combination of many things, but in truth I’ve been working some extra shifts, interviewing for full time jobs and making sure my mental health is in check. But now, I’m happily back to blogging 🙂 Here are my favorite 10 things from the last two weeks.

  1. Netflix Binges

Okay, so I’m always looking for a new show to start watching on Netflix. It seems that most of the shows I do watch are currently on reruns or I’m patiently waiting for the next season to be out. I’m in love with anything to do with the British Royal Family, so one of my favorite shows is The Crown. I became hooked around the springtime and in turn got my mom into the show as well. The second season won’t be out till late fall and my patience is testing itself. So in order to distract myself, I opened up to suggestions from friends who told me I should check out Riverdale. I didn’t know if I’d be interested enough to watch another teen drama mystery show produced by the CW, but I gave it a shot. Well….I stayed up till 5 am watching the whole season, so needless to say I’m obsessed. Their second season won’t be out until the fall either, so I’m opening myself up to suggestions yet again!

2. Thunderstorms

I tell people this all the time, but don’t vacation in Florida during the summertime. It’s oppressively hot and humid until the sky finally breaks and it downpours. Every. Single. Day. Around 4:00pm. Like clockwork. thunderThat is unless a tropical storm rolls in town and it rains for 48 hours straight. Tropical Storm Emily made an appearance this past week and brought…nothing really. The rain, thunder and lightning intensified and there were some trees down / flash flooding. But that’s pretty normal around here and the news made it sound much worse than it was. I really appreciated all the love texts people were sending my way making sure I was safe during the storm. Thunderstorms make for interesting pictures though.

3. Meeting Goals

Last week, I found myself in one of my favorite stores, Lilly Pulitzer, to browse around the sale section. As I’m working towards my health goals, I like to pop into stores to try on clothes to see where I am in the process. I guess I’m sort of teasing myself, but in a good way. I swear it works for me; if anything it motivates me more. I pulled a few t-shirts and tops with me to the fitting room and most of them (in a size XL) fit me!! Sadly, even the sale items at Lilly are still far out of my budget, but it gave me such a boost of confidence.

4. School Supplies

Okay, I’m no longer a student and I’m currently not teaching, but I love taking advantage of “Back to School” sales. pensAs a kid, I was always giddy going to Staples and Target to get new school supplies for the year. And as an adult, I am still that excited if not more. I’m trying to use my agenda more often as well as daily journaling, so I decided to pick up some new pens. A friend suggested Paper Mate’s flair felt tip pens and I’m obsessed. I love a good bunch of colorful, smooth writing pens. I picked these up at my local Staples for $12.

5. Tax-Free Weekend

I get paid this week and besides the fact that I need to set aside money to pay bills, it is also conveniently tax-free weekend. And while I’ll still remain on budget, you can expect that I’ll pick up some good deals whether it will be clothes, accessories or more school supplies for my sad adult life.


6. Selfies & Sunglasses

I picked up these sunglasses about a month ago from Charming Charlie’s and at first didn’t know what to think of them. sunThey are SUPER reflective, which can be quite interesting when you decide to take a selfie. I love anything blush pink and I’ve been seeing very similar ones online from Quay Australia. The only difference is that these were $7 and are probably better suited for my lifestyle seeing as I drop my sunglasses, phone, keys, coffee tumbler, etc. on the ground at least 10x a day due to my clumsy butterfingers. The top in this photo is from Old Navy about 2 years ago, but it matched well with my sunglasses for an impromptu (I swear the car was parked) selfie.

7. Girls Night

My girlfriends and I plan to meet up at least once a week if not more. Lately, we’ve been getting together as often as we can for stay home movie nights, dinners out, happy hours and anything in between. Take a look at your local newspaper or online postings for free or inexpensive things to do in town. For example, my town has a local zoo, so for the first Saturday of each month admission is free for all. My friend found us a Groupon to use at a local comedy club and we all went to see Adam Ferrara (Nurse Jackie, Rescue Me) and it was a pretty good show!

8. “The worst thing about prison was…the dementors.”

Strolling around on YouTube is one of my favorite things and I stumbled upon this clip from The Office. It’s written and executed perfectly for the characters. Whenever I need a good laugh or pick me up, I always play this clip- check it out! And if you’re not a fan of The Office: GET OUT.

9. Feel Good Music

Recently, I’ve been really into the group Imagine Dragons and playing their songs on loop. But in truth, I’ve been playing lots of Bruce Springsteen because it reminds me of home. I wouldn’t say I’m homesick, but I’m missing one of my favorite places, the Jersey Shore. The Shore makes me think of Springsteen, but also my family. My dad introduced me to The Boss at a very young age (he grew up in the same town as Bruce!), so his music brings me lots of comfort.

10. When God was Creating Animals

And lastly, I have to share this link with y’all. My friend Natalie and I were out window-shopping when we saw some items with a raccoon theme. She busted out that she had a joke about raccoons, but couldn’t think of it, so she sent me the link later that night. The post comes from Buzzfeed and it’s several tweets from people who talk about what God must have been thinking when he was creating certain animals. If you need a good laugh, you should definitely check this out!

What are your favorite things from the past two weeks? Do you have any Netflix suggestions for me? Enjoy your weekend!!

Peace & Love,



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